I am currently booking winter of 2019/20.  Preference is given to realism or painterly projects.  For tattoo inquiries please email


Michael Perry is a Milwaukee based tattoo artist, who's style incorporates elements of realism, classical painting, and subtle movement.

Whether a coloring book and crayons as a child, a sketchbook full of graffiti in school, or pencils and a tattoo machine currently, I have the ability to lose myself in not only my work, but my passion, blocking the outside world and being completely in the present, in the moment of what I am doing. Some meditate, others go to church, I create.

Over the course of my career my choice of subject matter and my style have evolved dramatically.  Earlier in my life I loathed realism, likely because I couldn't understand it, preferring abstract shapes with flow and movement to anything of substance.  Ironically I currently prefer realism, specifically the human face.  However the abstract, the colorful and painterly will always hold a place in my heart.

Outside of tattooing I almost exclusively create black and grey images. There is a certain timeless feel, an emotion, that can only be conveyed through black and grey imagery.  A black and grey tattoo is capable of capturing a feeling few other mediums can.  Many of my influences are artists who work primarily in black and grey realism or surrealism.  I love black and grey when it comes to tattooing, and am primarily a black and grey tattoo artist, but also love color for certain projects, especially those with a painterly feel.

Please visit the contact page for appointment information and to contact me.  Due to the amount of inquiries I receive the email submission form on that page is the fastest way to contact me.